July 27, 2010

Woman Faces Deportation From Canada to Chile

TORONTO - A woman facing deportation from Canada to Chile accused of belonging to a gang, said Monday that all he has done was to sell cupcakes and buy a teddy bear to be pregnant.

The woman, 24, remained in detention since October 8, 2009, after police raided the house where he lived with his family in Toronto.

On 7 July this year, an authority of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada determined that Bell was a member of the international criminal organization Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation (Nation of the Almighty Latin King and Queen), also known as Latin Kings.

The authorities then issued a deportation order against Bell.

According to court documents, police in Toronto believes that the local branch of the gang has been involved in gun crime, drug trafficking and aggravated assault.

Campana said the only thing he had done was to sell cupcakes to raise money for a party before the birth of the pregnant woman. Police said a pregnant woman also belonged to the gang.

- Written By Rameshan C M -

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