July 27, 2010

Iraq Car Bomb Attack Caused 25 Dead 68 Injured

World Wide Web's Zhong Weidong reported on July 27, according to the Associated Press news occurred on the 26th of Iraq against Shiite pilgrims in a car bomb attack, two cars packed with explosives in Iraq, the Shiite holy city of Karbala religious festivals on the explosion, Iraqi police and medical officials said the explosion had caused the incident 25 people were killed. Sunni extremists might be involved in the incident.

Reported that the radical militants to two cars filled with explosives from the pilgrims to stay in the 3 km between the crowd that when pilgrims flocked to the time explosives are detonated. Karbala's police and medical personnel said the incident has resulted in 68 injuries. It is learned that the day pilgrims to Karbala for a major religious festival, the festival has attracted from all over Iraq, Shiite pilgrims.

There are no group has claimed responsibility for the bombings, but the modus operandi of the attack, Sunni extremists and similar style.

Although in the past few years, the number of incidents of violence in Iraq was decreased, but in between 2005-2007, the Iraqi Sunni insurgency Fenzi often Huaiyi Caiquzhendui Shiite religious festival and pilgrimage Di of violence campaign to try to re-aggravate the tense situation in Iraq, will be pushed to the brink of civil war in Iraq.

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