July 27, 2010

More Than 60 Killed in Japan by The Heat Wave

TOKYO - Some 15,000 people were hospitalized and at least 66 died from the heat wave persists in most regions of Japan from a few weeks ago, authorities announced Tuesday.

Last week, the centers reported 9436 people admitted to hospital, of which 57 victims died from the heat, the agency said Fire and Disaster Management.

The number of deaths this year is unusually high, compared with 47 deaths recorded in July and August 2008 or the 16 killed last summer, the agency that performs these statistics since 2008.

Japan is experiencing a heat wave period in July from the end of the rainy season, with temperatures that have exceeded 35 degrees on Sunday in most of the archipelago, the Meteorological Agency said.

- written By Divya Joy -

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