July 27, 2010

Apple Will Sell The iPhone 4 in 17 Other Countries

The company Apple announced Monday that on Friday July 30 will begin selling the iPhone 4 in 17 other countries, which would join nations like the United States and Germany.

It is expected that the new version of the popular phone is on sale next September in 88 countries at least, which puts the product such as more comprehensive development in the history of the company.

Even the iPhone is-so far-the main driver of growth is forecast to Apple and soon to become its biggest source of profit.

However, not all favorable. Steve Jobs, chief executive of technology company, said last week that the iPhone 4 will not be sold in the short term in South Korea, a nation of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

"It will take us a little longer to get approval from the government there," said the businessman.

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