July 27, 2010

An Israeli Military Helicopter Fell In Romania

Bucharest, July 27 - An Israeli military helicopter crashed on Monday with seven troops on board in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, confirmed last night the Ministry of Defense in Bucharest, and while it was initially reported four dead , then a local authority contradicted that report.

The ship carrying six Israeli soldiers and one Romanian in a training flight. The head of the local rescue service, Fanica Boboc said that due to the inaccessibility of the place has not been possible to reach the scene of the tragedy, according to German news agency DPA reported.

He added that the search for victims was interrupted by poor visibility and continue today. The Israeli army reported no casualties. Now send a plane with medical and rescue specialist on the scene.

The accident occurred in a mountainous area difficult to access, near the city of Brasov.

The helicopter of the type CH-53 was part of "Operation Blue Sky," a training exercise in search and rescue missions.

Apparently the machine crashed into a rock, said Gheorghe Hermeneanu, mayor of the nearby village of Bran. He said the helicopter caught fire and rescue teams are guided by the column of smoke.

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