July 28, 2010

Argentina Coach Maradona Dismissed

Football idol Diego Maradona has been dismissed as coach of the two-time world champion Argentina. A spokesman for the National Association AFA AFA confirmed the decision of the Executive Committee, after negotiations between the World Cup captain from 1986 and Association boss Julio Grondona on Monday remained inconclusive. The South Americans were eliminated in the World Cup finals in South Africa in the quarterfinals with a 0-4 against Germany. A successor, the association was not yet known. Read this article further

Maradona had said before, although the two-hour meeting with Grondona after lengthy consideration its willingness to continue his commitment, but it made the further cooperation with his assistant to the condition. "If they want to my staff, I'm gone," the coach said in a TV interview. However Grondona insisted on a clear separation of Mancuso Alejandro and Hector Enrique.

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