July 30, 2010

Two mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip in the Negev impact

MADRID - Two mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip have struck Friday in Israeli territory in the Negev, causing no injury or materials, reports the Israeli press. Continue reading in freight

This incident occurred at noon, hours after a Palestinian rocket Katyusha reach a residential area in the Israeli town of Ashkelon, which experienced some damage in an apartment building and several cars were parked.

"No doubt this is the most serious since the operation 'Cast Lead' launched by the Israeli army against the Gaza Strip in late 2008, said the mayor of Ashkelon, Benny Vaknin, the Israeli public radio reference to the incident in Ashkelon. The city is located just eight miles from the Gaza Strip and has 125,000 inhabitants.

Although after the operation 'Cast Lead' has remained releases, most of them have been directed at smaller towns near the border. Last week, four Qassam rockets and two mortar shells hit Israel, but caused no damage of any kind and that hit open areas in the western Negev.

Israel usually responds to such incidents with attacks on tunnels and Hamas outposts.

The prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that "Israel is very serious about the launch from Ashkelon," a statement from his office.

No armed group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which controls the Gaza Strip, has said he is trying to stop rocket fire from Israel, but several smaller groups continue with these attacks.

A military stated that it believes that Hamas is responsible for launching the rocket. "Hamas still wants to maintain the status quo in Gaza," he said. "I do not want to deal with conflict", he said, quoted by Israeli daily 'Yedioth'.

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