July 30, 2010

A woman and a girl killed in an attack on a candidate for election in Kandahar

Kabul, July 30 - A woman and a child were killed in southern Afghan city of Kandahar victims of a bomb allegedly directed against a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, according to various sources.

The bomb was placed on a motorcycle outside the house of an electoral candidate and exploded when he left his home, said in a statement ISAF International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

The candidate in question, Hamidzai Lali, was unhurt, but the explosion killed a woman and a girl and wounded another small, informed both the ISAF and the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

The deputy director of the Police in the province of Kandahar, Sardar Mohammed Sherzad, said the agency but that the AIP Afghan bomb killed a girl and injured two civilians.

No group has claimed responsibility so far of what happened, but the Taliban have frequently resorted to such attacks and continue fighting to overthrow the Afghan government and achieve the expulsion of foreign troops in the country.

Afghanistan is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections next fall.

- Written By John son -

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