July 29, 2010

New Oil Spill Threatens Lake Michigan in USA

The United States makes to create a new oil spill that threatens Michigan in the north of the country. Already more than three million gallons flowed into a small river in the U.S. state of Michigan, since there a pipeline burst on Monday, as the authorities announced on Wednesday. Exactly 100 days after the explosion of the drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico should begin on Thursday, the legal processing of the disaster.

How the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that broke the 76 inch wide pipeline in the village of Marshall apart on Monday. This had millions of gallons of oil into the small river branch Talmadge ran. Part of it was in turn flowed into the river Kalamazoo, which flows into Lake Michigan.

Marshes, fields, residential and commercial areas were therefore already affected by the oil spill. EPA staff member Lisa Jackson spoke of a "serious oil spill" that had the potential of damaging an important waterway and endangering the health of local residents. Many workers were captured on the spot to the leaked oil "as quickly and effectively as possible."

The Governor of Michigan, criticized the environmental agency and the operator of the pipeline, the Canadian company Enbridge, hot. Both sides had not responded quickly enough to the disaster. "The situation is very, very seriously," she said. They warned that oil could reach the Lake Michigan should not be undertaken.

Enbridge announced it is taking the incident "very seriously". It had been closed, valves so that no more oil leak from the pipeline. Studies on the cause of the accident are underway.

Some three months after the explosion of the oil rig Deepwater Horizon "in the Gulf of Mexico occupied the catastrophe now the judiciary. On Thursday to begin the legal work-up. Seven federal judge in Boise, Idaho need to clarify whether there are a few of the approximately 200 individual actions combined into a class action and should be negotiated on which a possible process of Court.

A decision is not expected for two weeks. But even in Idaho representatives of all parties will be present to present their arguments. These include the addition of eleven members in the explosion killed and injured workers small business owners, the British oil company BP that the company Transocean as landlord of the platform and Cameron International, the safety valve broke after the accident.

Only after nearly three months it was BP, to stop the outflow of oil in mid-July. The current seal is only an interim solution. The purpose of the final closure of the leaking oil well with the help of mud and cement to start on Monday.

- Written By Johnson -

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